22. Female. Texas.

Here’s the cutie i slept with last night.

Leftovers from last nigh’t shenanigans with M. Marble swirl cake with melted reese’s. Just give us a little booze and we’ll put anything on a cupcake.

This hookah came into the store last night and I want it..

One of my favorite pipes in the shop.

Loaded up a bowl to celebrate the coming of a new year!  
Stay lifted, guys.

Jelly, the store cat

Was gonna stay in and watch harry potter last night but my roomate dragged me out to go downtown with her an some friends.  I’m glad I went.

Gonna enjoy a Christmas bowl on the balcony. :) merry Christmas, everyone!

So this was what I got from the Christmas gift exchange at work.  :P a little bird pipe and a nyan cat sticker.